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MARE DI DIRAC "Vespertillionem" 2013
release on Le Crepuscule Du Soir
research on ultrasound waves emanating by bats colonies in an old abbey. the cerimonial of bats calling 1 natural reverb, ancient organ drones and ultrasound microphones receiver.
part of material was recording in Staffarda Abbey (Italy) place that every year hold a huge colony of bats.


The new project exsplore noise sound

Like a filthy rotten pig eats his shit...

The first relase of Meconium was create with old piano -August Forster-

Le Mura

This wall was built through the saturation of the
metal reel with the use of Magnetophono AKAI GX-636/Db.

...you can purchase the only copy of the reel...

Unisono - I Canti Iniziatici
Unisono consists of three members, each adding a new set of instruments and a new range of moods to their music. There's Nascitari with freaky guitar manipulations and a violin, Poseitrone who provides vocal nuissance, drummer ruckus and strange harmonica- and didgeridoo scenery, and Carlo Quaglia who plays a second violin, distorts a piano and lets us enjoy his vocal poetry (lit.). Overal this is quite the extraordinary experience. They all have their own projects, all experimental in nature, but underneath this collaboration lie roots of musical insight and dawning forms of free jazz, reminiscent of early Interstellar Nightmare. Regarding genres for this project, you could say it weaves through ambient, drone, noise and free jazz, a pretty satisfying experience. Limited to 30 copies.